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A brand with great feel for design and trends. We are a newcomer so you may not know who we are… So…

  • Collection: Annuell
  • Collection: Apelviken
  • Collection: Blomstermåla
  • Collection: Design
  • Collection: Effekt
  • Collection: Ekbacka
  • Collection: Grönhaga
  • Collection: Hantverk
  • Collection: Havsblick
  • Collection: Kalk
  • Collection: Kalk 2
  • Collection: Lina
  • Collection: Lina 2
  • Collection: Lyckebo
  • Collection: Morgongåva
  • Collection: Palma
  • Collection: Passion
  • Collection: Poetry
  • Collection: Skagen
  • Collection: Solitär
  • Collection: Sunnanö
  • Collection: Ängås

We are currently running 21 collections.

Our target market is our home market, Sweden. The swedish taste is our taste, and we will provide the global market with Scandinavian designs for many years to come. 

Hang the wallpaper!

To understand and really feel the design it’s always good to see the wallpaper on the wall. Try our studio, you can hang a wallpaper in no time! 

Midbec Tapeter

We love the feeling that the wallpaper gives! Room becomes home, everyday becomes luxury. Wallpaper since 1974. 

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