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The family owned company with a new business model.

Midbec Tapeter has been one of the leading wallpaper companies in Sweden since the company was founded in 1974. Much has happened since the start in both the market and the company. Since 20 years back the company is owned by Bengt Johnson, a true wallpaper nerd. He started in the company as a sales rep more than 30 years ago.

Midbec Tapeter has always been a Swedish wallpaper brand who imported the best collections from Europe. Nowadays we are more than that. A little of over 5 years ago we employed our first full time designer and started with our own production. With the three star designers Hanna Wendelbo, Björn Nilsson and Lina Schnaufer we have the designs and collections the consumer demands, in more than just the Swedish market.

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Midbec Tapeter

We love the feeling that the wallpaper gives! Room becomes home, everyday becomes luxury. Wallpaper since 1974. 

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