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The designteam at Midbec Tapeter are not new to each other. They have been working together for several years at another Swedish company. The quartet is completed by our CEO, Bengt Johnson, who has over 30 years of experience. He overlooks the designing process and contributes to the team with his fingerspitzengefühl. 

Hanna Wendelbo has been in the wallpaper industry for twenty years now, working with brands like Borås Tapeter, Sandberg Wallpaper, Cole & Son and now lately Midbec Tapeter.
Her love for wallpapers began during her university studies in design (HDK) in Gothenburg when she started to work part-time in the very well known wallpaper store Engelska Tapetmagasinet. ”I think that the years in the beautiful wallpaper store gave me a mindset and understanding not only for the beauty but also for the commercial value of wallpapers.” Says Hanna.

Her motto about good designs is that it’s both beautiful and desirable. ”My aim is to make designs that helps people to fulfill their dream about a beautiful home.” -Hanna

Björn Nilsson is well known Swedish designer with more than 35 years of experience within the wallpaper market. After more than 5 years with Midbec Tapeter, he has really showed what a great designer and business mind he posses. Just to mention a some history, Björn was the head of design at WallVision for a couple of years.

Today he is designing more than just wallpapers. His company SVENSKA IDÉBYRÅN AB is working with different producers in a variety of markets such as wallpaper, glass, ceramics and much more.

This year, 2020, we have welcomed a new designer to our team Lina Schnaufer. Lina is new within the wallpaper world but has been working with patterndesign and illustrations since her graduation in design 2017. Lina is drawn to playfulness and the unexpected in the design.

Linas first wallapper collection was released this spring 2020, and is called ”Lina”. 

The collections

  • Collection: Annuell
  • Collection: Apelviken
  • Collection: Blomstermåla
  • Collection: Design
  • Collection: Effekt
  • Collection: Ekbacka
  • Collection: Grönhaga
  • Collection: Hantverk
  • Collection: Havsblick
  • Collection: Hjärterum
  • Collection: Kalk
  • Collection: Kalk 2
  • Collection: Lina
  • Collection: Lina 2
  • Collection: Lyckebo
  • Collection: Morgongåva
  • Collection: Palma
  • Collection: Passion
  • Collection: Poetry
  • Collection: Skagen
  • Collection: Skogsgläntan
  • Collection: Solitär
  • Collection: Sunnanö
  • Collection: Ängås

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We love the feeling that the wallpaper gives! Room becomes home, everyday becomes luxury. Wallpaper since 1974. 

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